Plan for a Vibrant, Sustainable WBAI

In 2013, Pacifica's then-interim Executive Director, an ally of Indy Caucus/ACE, solicited a mainly-music NJ radio station -- with a strongly pro-Israeli occupation morning show -- to lease WBAI’s airwaves. In 2014, a new Pacifica National Board, allied with Justice & Unity, halted that process and directed the WBAI board and management to create a plan to sustain our station.

Justice & Unity worked with colleagues to gather ideas from listeners, staff, and progressive media and fundraising experts. The result was a plan (click HERE) with short- and long-term proposals for improving fundraising, expanding audience and membership, leveraging technology, and engaging youth.

The Indy Caucus/ACE local board majority’s response to being given an opportunity to save our station was to vote against sending to the National Board even the compilation of proposals created from our plan and others.

Make us the majority. We will push and work with management to implement many of these ideas to strengthen WBAI now and for the long term.

Some highlights:

  • Use direct mail: contact lapsed members & borrow mailing lists of progressive organizations
  • Use modern technology: make it easy to listen & donate; promote live, archived, & future segments via social media
  • Facilitate gifts of cash, stocks & bonds, annuities, bequests, and corporate matches
  • Expand membership: do in-reach to unions, progressive organizations & paper & web publications
  • Change pitching approach: integrate and create teams, offer information – not consumable products
  • Connect with schools. “Everyone” is here!
    • Find a permanent, professional Development Director to focus on off-air fundraising.

Together, we can deliver a strong future for this irreplaceable voice!