Action Plan for WBAI's Financial Stability and Growth

Justice & Unity will engage in joint work with management, staff & listeners on:

* A capital campaign to buy our own studio
* A grassroots, multi-media publicity campaign to recruit listeners & members
* Program promotion via return of the printed Folio and email newsletter
* Innovative off-air fundraising methods like awards dinners and concerts
* Major expansion of digital (online) distribution/archiving of programs
* Long-term multi-channel expansion of WBAI's programming and rebroadcast of shows like Democracy Now! via Internet, sideband, and HD (hybrid digital) radio
* Pacifica record label to showcase progressive cultural workers and raise revenue
* Reducing frequency, with membership approval, of Pacifica elections, which cost $200,000 per election

Justice & Unity's Accomplishments

Justice & Unity and its allies have:

* Raised thousands of dollars for WBAI, including the funds for the online audio archives, which have had 6 million downloads in a year from 72 countries.
* Recruited many new listeners and subscribers through outreach at community events.
* Fought to protect the autonomy of WBAI against top-down Pacifica control.
* Defended the rights of WBAI workers to fair treatment and respect for union contracts.
* Sponsored the National Board motion establishing a national daily Spanish-language news program, Informativo Pacifica, airing on WBAI.
* Helped pass a National Board motion for a committee to review charges of racism and sexism by board members (strongly fought by the WBAI opposition bloc).


VOTE for the WBAI



* Make WBAI an organizing hub for the tri-state area. NY, NJ, CT, L.I., Westchester & Rockland peace and justice groups must build a powerful mass movement.

* Harness WBAI programming, the Internet and video to expand WBAI's global reach, with partners like the Independent Media Centers, and raise funds for a new WBAI space including a hi-tech multimedia community center.

* Include in programming and governance diverse peoples of color; Indigenous peoples; undocumented, immigrant, and rank-and-file workers; the unemployed; the poor; women; lesbians/gay men/bisexuals/transgendered people; people in prison; people with disabilities; youth and elders. These communities make up the vast majority of the listening area. To accomplish these goals, we stand for the following policies:

1. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION at every level of Pacifica through bylaws amendments and policies * Pacifica-wide training to overcome racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-disability discrimination, * redress gender imbalance in programming and staffing* radio training courses and on-air placement prioritizing people from disenfranchised groups, especially youth * Full access for people with disabilities to all station events and meetings

2. PROGRAMMING * bring in listeners from diverse communities
* Listener surveys to evaluate shows & assess community needs * identify gaps in program diversity with regard to populations, issues and creative expression

3. DEMOCRACY, TRANSPARENCY & LOCAL DECISION-MAKING. * Full disclosure of station and network budgets and policies * Fair treatment of paid and unpaid staff * Network-wide recognition of unions * Local decision-making by stations that fulfill the Pacifica mission * No top-down processes, unjustified closed meetings, and small-group decision-making by Pacifica National Board * Full public participation in local and national board meetings. * Simplified democratic process for amending the bylaws * A national Pacifica bylaws convention to review diversity, democracy and accountability.

4. FUNDRAISING. * Get broad community input to work with management and staff on innovative strategies for on- and off-air funding * No corporate underwriting * No on-air commercial promotion

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