John Brinkley

 (unanimously-elected, current WBAI Board Chair; active with People’s Organization for Progress/NJ; trained problem-solver)

John Brinkley

I seek re-election to the Local Station Board because I want to continue working to get WBAI through these hard times. I've been a listener and supporter since the 1970s. I was elected to the LSB in 2010. Although part of the Justice & Unity minority on the board, I was elected chair in 2014 and re-elected unanimously in 2015, perhaps in recognition of my ability to reduce contentiousness at our meetings.

I've worked to brainstorm ideas for fundraising and, along with Justice & Unity members and other listeners and staff, developed a detailed sustainability plan for WBAI, then helped compile all the plans by board members from different "sides" into the document available here: .

I advocate implementing the most immediately feasible fundraising methods. When the Board was informed by Justice & Unity's Nia Bediako of the possible eviction of our Empire State Building transmitter, I secured a union phone bank with Mimi Rosenberg's help, and coordinated volunteers who called lapsed and current members to raise money for a special transmitter fund set up through a board motion proposed by Justice & Unity.

In August 2012, the LSB majority voted down Bernard White's motion asking management not to renew the $37,000/month lease on the Wall Street studio-office, and to relocate to a less expensive temporary location. Six months later, conditions forced this very move when the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy and rent demands from the then-landlord made remaining at Wall Street impossible. Nia Bediako also revealed this housing crisis to the local and national boards, and Justice & Unity made the connection with City College for WBAI to broadcast out of its studios at a far lower rent. The only alternative was partial-day live broadcasts that excluded the bulk of producers.

After much delay, a search for a permanent Program Director has begun. The ideal candidate will be someone who appreciates the many rich cultures in this region, and understands WBAI's responsibility to air progressive voices reflecting that diversity.

I am a New Jersey-based Pan-Africanist and trained problem-solver. As an LSB member, I've drawn upon skills and knowledge acquired from a varied professional and community background, including:
•      active membership in the People's Organization for Progress (POP).  
•      working with community organizations to develop re-entry programs for the formerly incarcerated
•      as a member of the Tri-State Save "Like It Is" Coalition, challenging the renewal of the four TV networks' FCC licenses  
•      functioning on various professional levels in college, corporate, local government, and nonprofit environments.

I ask that you please vote for the complete Justice and Unity slate -- endorsed by Amina Baraka, Nana Camille Yarbrough, CEMOTAP, and Bayan (progressive Filipinos) -- in the following order:

1. Lynne Stewart WRITE HER IN AS #1

2. King Downing

3. John Brinkley

4. Ralph Poynter

5. Pauline Park

6. Dacio Quintana

             7. Eugene Hamond

For unknown reasons, Lynne Stewart's online membership didn't register. Please write in her name and rank her #1; her statement's at

johnbrinkley (at)