Background on last week's meeting:

On Friday, February 10, 2017, the Indy Caucus-ACE group and it’s national allies who primarily operate under the fiscal blanket of the Los Angeles-based Social Uplift Foundation met, via conference call, as if under the auspices of the Pacifica National Board in violation of the Pacifica Foundation Bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order (RROR) that we are required to use.

After asking the pro tem secretary to take attendance and introducing the parliamentarian, the only elected officer who remained on the board, Adriana Casenave, the 2016 Vice Chair and 2017 Acting Chair of the PNB, pointed out a number of violations in the calling of the meeting, including that while 3 national board members / Directors can call a meeting, RROR requires them to determine from the Chair and Secretary their availability. No consultation was had and therefore no proper notification of either the open or executive sessions was made. The Acting Chair, therefore adjourned the meeting and a number of directors left the call in agreement. However, approximately 11 Indy-ACE folks and their allies remained.

In open session, they used “alternative facts” to discard the actual results of the election of Affiliate Directors to the 2017 Pacifica National Board (conducted via email in December 2016 as required,) and to approve an “alternate tally”:

  • For this, they included ballots submitted by 3 WBAI LSB members who were not 2016 national board members and were not entitled to vote as such due to multiple breaches of the bylaws and RROR by Indy-ACE WBAI before and after their 2016 boycott.
  • By this, they made the PNB partially self-selecting, which was one of the most fought-against practices during the Pacifica democratization struggles of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. The bylaws require incoming Affiliate Directors to be elected by the outgoing Pacifica station directors each December, not by current station directors with whom they would serve. 

They also passed a motion requiring more on-air fundraising by March to accumulate funds for the completion of the overdue audit for FY2015 and for the FY2016 audit; they hired as a consultant the former CFO who had not delivered the FY2014 Audit; and a member made some sort of announcement about a search for legal counsel.

In closed session, although I wasn't present, they’ve announced the selection of Bill Crosier, a PNB listener member from Houston who is a longtime Indy-ACE factional player, to be the interim Executive Director. It's important to note that a couple of hours after the end of our Feb. 2 meeting where it was stated that the body would be polled for a meeting date, Crosier had posted a PNB meeting for Feb. 9 in violation of the 7-day notice requirement. When challenged on this, he cancelled the notice and when questioned about the claim that the Feb. 9 meeting had been falsely labeled as a "continuation" meeting as though decided by the full Board, he wrote that his lie was  “irrelevant.”

Stay tuned, stay strong and pay close attention.


Cerene Roberts

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