Community radio aficionados know that stations have shut down in recent years because of insufficient income. Because Pacifica is a network, one station’s resources can cushion another’s hard times, so we are all still here. But we all urgently need to increase listenership and revenue.

2016 Pacifica Radio Convention Coverage
2016 Pacifica Convention Coverage


Pacifica National arranged coverage of the 2016 Republican, Democratic, and Green Party conventions. This collaboration provided an alternative narrative to the mainstream’s and a great service to listeners and affiliate stations. Using acquired mailing lists, the national office — with help from Justice & Unity board members — is connecting to area neighbors who support other non-commercial media. WBAI’s broadcasting expenses are lower than they were at Wall Street, but still higher than any other Pacifica station’s — and continue to exceed income.

Things must change. However, Justice & Unity opposes breaking  up our network, selling our station,  shutting down WBAI for many  months, or swapping our dial position  for some cash but reduced range. These possibilities, and a lease agreement, which would allow another nonprofit  to operate the station for some years and  cover all ongoing costs, have all been  discussed by people within the network.  As these and other drastic options are put on the national table, WBAI listeners need representatives who will work at fundraising & sustainability, stick with the job they sought, and fight for the listeners’ interests. If you want real representation, choose Justice & Unity!
Since the January results of the last election created an LSB tie, IndyCaucus/ACE members have refused to attend meetings or join with Justice & Unity in the hard work of fundraising and planning for a better future.
12 Boycotting Indy Caucus Members
12 Boycotting Indy Caucus Members

For example, each station has four director seats on the Pacifica National Board (PNB). But this year, WBAI is underrepresented because Indy/ACE refuses to attend mandated meetings and participate in proper elections. Of last year’s 4 directors, 3 are ineligible because they are no longer on the local board; 1 serves as a carryover. WBAI therefore has one vote instead of four.