From the WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign, www.justiceunity.org

1. Local Station Board Updates
2. Station Updates
3. Other Community Media


1. Local Station Board (LSB) Update

       Rule or Ruin!

The Indy Caucus-ACE “boycott” continues as do the costly lawsuits they and their allies have brought on the east and west coasts to change the last election’s results. More on the lawsuits: https://is.gd/PVOns9

    What’s at Stake?

The station generates far less money than is needed to operate and with other Pacifica units in distress, there’s little money to move around the network. Something has to give.

There needs to be real talk about what is possible, what is likely, and at what cost. But at this crucial time, after 8 eight years of dominance of the board and station, Indy-ACE is hiding out from the hard decisions.

The station’s broadcast license cannot be sold or exchanged without a vote of the membership -- but note, that means the membership of all five of Pacifica's stations, not just ‘BAI. After more than a decade of internet waste produced by a New York multimillionaire board member painting WBAI as a dangerous place like the stereotypical South Bronx, many “out there” think WBAI should just go away. And the busy rich man is accusing others of wanting to do what he proposed…break up the network. Read it yourself: https://is.gd/coT8Y0


LSB Elections

Elections to fill half the board seats are on. Staff will vote for 3 staff seats. Eligible to vote for 9 listener seats will be those who established or renewed their membership between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016 by: giving $25, volunteering 3 hours, or working on a local board committee.

Candidate statements and on-air debates are coming your way. Ballots are to be mailed or online voting started on Aug. 15; ballots must be received or filled-out online by Sept. 30.

Justice & Unity has 8 great listener candidates, alphabetically: Ebon Charles (returning), Eugene Hamond, William Heerwagen (returning), Moira Meltzer-Cohen, Five Mualimm-ak, Dacio Quintana, Cerene Roberts (returning), and Sharonne Salaam (returning).

Present J&U board listener members (not up for election this year) are: John Brinkley, King Downing, Pauline Park, Ralph Poynter, and Lynne Stewart.

2. Station Updates

    Summer Fund drive begins Mon., July 18. Please be generous: www.give2wbai.org   (516) 620-3602

    Pacifica coverage of the Republican & Democratic Party conventions will be aired on WBAI Mon. – Thurs., 8pm to midnight; July 18-21 and July 25-27

    WBAI Job Openings: www.wbai.org/employment.php

        Program Director, Development Director, Operations Director
        Pacifica Job Openings: www.pacifica.org; see upper left corner.

3. Support Other Community Media

    Support CPRMetro.org (Community Progressive Radio – Online)


CPR Metro is an internet station created and programmed by former Program Director Bernard White and Wednesday Morning Show news reporter Don DeBar that puts community issues and voices  in the forefront of the struggle for peace with justice.
To help with streaming and storage services: http://www.gofundme.com/fdbkoc

        Listen: http://cprmetro.blogspot.com/

    Ralph Poynter’s “What’s Happening”

Tues. 9-10pm on the Human Rights Demand channel of Blog Talk Radio.

            Listen: http://is.gd/wP6Bbz     Call-in: 347 857 3293

    African Voices Magazine

     African Voices’ first digital issue is out and is as enjoyable to view as to read: https://is.gd/UldoNr