Indy-Caucus Boycott of WBAI LSB
Tell Indy-Caucus to Stop their Boycott of WBAI LSB Meetings

Since the January Local Station Board election results created a 12-12 tie between Justice & Unity and the Indy-ACE group, they have refused to attend board meetings. We need a minimum of 13 members to elect local officers and national representatives and do other business. Their “boycott” prevents any binding action on urgent station problems.

We think that they ran for office and so they should serve or step aside. Below is a petition that urges them to come to the table and also alerts the Pacifica National Board, of which the WBAI LSB is a committee. Please sign it!

In a February 23 letter to the Pacifica National Board (updated version available HERE), the governing body of WBAI's parent foundation, the 12 Justice and Unity local board members requested "action in the face of this continuing emergency." According to the letter, initiated by member Lynne Stewart, the prominent former activist attorney who was the top-vote getter in the recent elections, "One of the opposition was actually overheard saying that there may be no LSB meetings for the next year.  Such a we-rule-or-we-ruin ideology has no place in a democratic process….Together we must defeat this attack on the democratically constituted and elected WBAI Local Station Board."

More background on this issue is HERE

We urge you to sign the online petition to tell the 12 Indy Caucus/ACE board members:

Please respect the bylaws and the decisions of the station’s voters and show up and do the work that you were elected to do: Save WBAI.

You can sign on HERE. Spread the word on social media!