(corrected version sent 2/29/16 of original email sent by Lynne Stewart on 2/23/16):

To the Pacifica National Board:

As part of our responsibility, we the undersigned WBAI Delegates and Local Station Board Members give notice of an untenable situation and consequently ask for any assistance you can render.

The 2015 board elections that closed on January 4, 2016, resulted in a 12-12 split between the Justice and Unity Campaign and the Indy Caucus-ACE aligned group.

At the last three planned LSB meetings -- on January 13,* January 27, and February 10, 2016 -- and the Delegates' Meeting you directed for February 10 at 9 pm, we were unable to address any of the important matters entrusted to us by the members of WBAI because the Indy Caucus-ACE aligned group failed to attend. This means that we cannot mount a quorum to advance numerous projects and reforms.

As you are well aware, WBAI is in crisis. It has a dwindling member base resulting in steadily declining revenues.

We are at an impasse without a ready remedy.

We cannot have a formal meeting unless at least one member of the Indy Caucus-ACE aligned group shows up to make the necessary quorum of 13 -- and it is at present unclear whether, without quorum, their automatic removal after 3 unexcused absences can occur.

We are not unmindful that we may have to resort to a recall vote, but that takes time and consumes energy that could better be directed toward building the station.

Apparently, anxiety over possibly spending moments in the minority has generated threats of legal action from those refusing to attend the meetings. We know that they are a moneyed group, easily able to utilize private lawyers, and they know, as do we, that defending such a suit will cost listener donations needed elsewhere in the organization.

One of the opposition was actually overheard saying that there may be no LSB meetings for the next year. Such a we-rule-or-we-ruin ideology has no place in a democratic process.

We also understand that some of the same actors have been persistently abusing the teleconference system to block your work on the PNB.

We note that you have made it clear that Vajra Kilgour was properly seated on the WBAI LSB in December, 2015, when Janet Coleman met her 6-year anniversary on the LSB. The improperly noticed meeting called by the Indy-ACE group on January 26, 2016, without notice to several newly elected delegates and conflicting with the known Pacifica-related obligations of three other delegates, did not make quorum and hence no valid election for representatives to the PNB could be held -- a breach for which you provided a remedy in the form of a direction to elect national board representatives on February 10, 2016, the date of the regularly scheduled LSB meeting.

The WBAI LSB is a committee of the PNB. We are asking for your guidance and urge action in the face of this continuing emergency. Together we must defeat this attack on the democratically constituted and elected WBAI Local Station Board.


* For a short period of time, two Indy-ACE members joined Justice & Unity members in the meeting room, but this still left the board short of a quorum.

WBAI Local Station Board Members
John Brinkley (LSB chair 2014-15)
Ebon Charles
King Downing
William Heerwagen
Vajra Kilgour
Bob Lederer
Pauline Park
Ralph Poynter
John Riley
Cerene Roberts
Sharonne Salaam
Lynne Stewart

February 29, 2016