Thanks to your support, we did it!!            

But the machinations of the Indy/ACE crew are not over.

Justice and Unity listener candidates won 5 of 9 listener seats with your Lynne Stewart receiving 482 of Justice & Unity (J&U)’s 548 first-place (write-in) votes vs. Indy/ACE highest vote-getter’s 189 of their 329 first place votes. J&U got a total of 62% of the first-ranked votes, a clear rejection of 7 years of Indy/ACE’s disastrous control of the Local Board that produced the crisis in which the station finds itself.

Joining Lynne on the Local Station Board (LSB) are new listener members King Downing, Pauline Park, and Ralph Poynter. Re-elected was Plainfield NJ’s listener (and current LSB Chair) John Brinkley. In the staff elections, J&U ally Bob Lederer also won re-election (1 of the 3 staff seats at stake). So overall, the election resulted in an even split of open seats: 6 & 6.

The combination of continuing & new LSB members means a 12-12 tie between J&U and the Indy/ACE group for 2016.

Come to the first meeting of the 2016 Board and make plain your agenda: a vibrant, sustainable station that invites new voices, communities, and perspectives and a board that works to support that aim.

Wed., Jan. 27 at 7pm
120 West 140th Street, between Malcolm X & Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvds.
New York, NY 10030

The Time Travel Problem

To avoid flipping an entire board in one election, Pacifica uses staggered 3-year terms, generally replacing half of the board in each election. The Indy/ACE national majority cancelled board elections in 2013 and the effect is still being felt. The folks who should have gone in 2013 just left now; the seats that were filled in 2012, and would have been up for election in 2015, are being continued through 2016.

Pacifica’s bylaws also include personal term limits. After 6 continuous years of membership, separation from the local board is mandated in absolute terms and is automatic. No action by the board is needed.

WBAI staff rep Janet Coleman was first seated on December 23, 2009, re-elected in 2012 and so was in one of those seats extended to 2016.  When she arrived at her 6-year limit on December 22, 2015, that vacancy was filled immediately using the last election’s runners-up list as the bylaws specify. The staff rep thus seated was Vajra Kilgour, a Justice & Unity ally.

The Indy/ACE people are trying to convince us that the vacancy that occurred before WBAI achieved quorum, before the election ended, and before the election results were published, should’ve been filled, not via the last election list as the bylaws clearly state, but by using a list that did not yet exist from an election that had not been completed.

Such time travel may be possible one day soon, but it’s not here yet.

Stalling Real Work

In a twist designed to prevent the 2016 Pacifica National Board from getting on with its work, after being informed that per the bylaws an LSB meeting to elect local officers was being held on January 27 at 7pm, the Indy/ACE folks scheduled a separate meeting a day earlier to elect national boardmembers. They didn’t consult with half the board and they chose a date that they know conflicts with other boardmembers’ program responsibilities and with previously, publicly calendared national Pacifica meetings.

And they didn’t bother to notify the folks you just elected.

So when the 2016 Pacifica National Board meets on January 28, they will likely have to deal with some level of WBAI confusion.

Some folks think it’s all a game. We think there’s a short window to save WBAI and Pacifica, and an urgent need for Pacifica in the life of this country and this planet. We do not appreciate them fooling around.

Stay strong and pay close attention!



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