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A LETTER FROM BERNARD WHITE, former WBAI Program Director, and LYNNE STEWART, People's Attorney

Dear WBAI family member,

We know you care deeply about WBAI being an unmuzzled voice of the truth-tellers and challengers to the unjust status quo – especially when the dangerous shouts of the backwards and often racist right are dominating radio and television airways. We also know you’re deeply concerned that WBAI may not make it through its current period of financial decline, with constant on-air appeals and increasing reliance on commercial, consumable products.

The current local board majority (“Indy Caucus” / “ACE”) has been in power for the past 7 years. They supervised this downward slide. They have dragged their feet on setting up a search committee for a permanent Program Director, delayed in evaluating management, and held only one of the dozen mandated town hall meetings that should have occurred in recent years.

The Justice & Unity Campaign, by contrast, has been working hard not just to keep the station alive, but to put it back on a strong, anti-racist, community-involved course:

·       When the station was forced to leave its pricey Wall Street studios, Justice & Unity made the connection at City College that allowed WBAI to broadcast for over two years at 1/4 of the cost.

·       When WBAI faced possible eviction from our Empire State Building transmitter room, J&U successfully pushed to create a special fund and a phone bank to encourage lapsed donors to contribute.

·       Last year we worked with others to forge an in-depth plan to make the station sustainable.

·       Our persistent advocacy for bringing local voices into the morning and afternoon lineup after the 2013 layoffs was finally heeded during the short-lived tenure of interim program director Mario Murillo.

Now we’re on the eve of a crucial WBAI election, where control of the local board – and indeed of all of the Pacifica Network – is at stake. Those who have failed to sustain the station, worked to narrow the range of voices heard (while praising stations with “homogenous” racial composition), and used racial stereotypes to denounce leaders of color whom they found insufficiently compliant are trying to consolidate their dominance. They are floating new lies and seeking to blame others for their failures. We need to reveal the truth to all the members, and we need you to help us do this.

Justice & Unity has assembled a stellar slate of 7 candidates, headed by one of the two of us, Lynne Stewart (see list below) for the Local Station Board, rich in political experience and practical skills in running non-profit organizations. We are committed to working toward implementation of our proposed sustainability plan, appointment of a knowledgeable, progressive Program Director, a full evaluation of the station manager, and real and constant contact with the station’s members.

We are asking you to support Justice & Unity’s efforts to win a board majority in two key ways:

·      vote for our entire slate and spread the word to friends via email & social media

·       help us get our message to WBAI’s 8,000 listener voters through a mass mailing. This is the best way for us to get the story, unvarnished and clear, to those who are already being deluged with disinformation from the other side.

We ask for your support to help us with the high costs of printing and postage to get out our positions and solutions for the station. Any donation, whether $10, $25, $50, $100, or $500, will be greatly appreciated and well spent.

You can contribute by either of 2 methods:

·      Donate online using your debit or credit card or PayPal account. Go to and look for the “Support the WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign” article – then click on the “Donate” button.


·      Send a check made out to “Justice & Unity Campaign” and mail it to:

WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign
P.O. Box 2690
Manhattanville Station
New York, NY 10027-2690

We will fight to keep this community resource alive and as a Pacifica station in the middle of New York’s FM dial. We all need it more than ever.

Thanks for all you do,

                                                                                                          Lynne Stewart                                                                                                          

Bernard White

The 2015 Justice & Unity Slate

(For candidate statements, go to

When you get your ballot, please rank the candidates in this order:

1.     Lynne Stewart (People’s Lawyer; defended scores of political prisoners and those fighting police brutality; released by the people after 4 years in jail on unjust charges)

NOTE:  For unknown reasons, Lynne’s online membership didn’t register, so you’ll have to WRITE IN

Lynne Stewart’s name on your ballot and rank her #1.

2.     King Downing (lawyer, human rights advocate, & mediator; active with Ferguson Defense Committee and National Police Accountability Project; former WBAI host)

3.     John Brinkley (unanimously-elected, current WBAI Board Chair; active with People’s Organization for Progress/NJ; trained problem-solver)

4.     Ralph Poynter (leader of Free Lynne Stewart campaign; activist against miseducation in NYC and for freedom of U.S. political prisoners)

5.     Pauline Park (transgender activist; co-founder, coordinator, and/or director of many different LGBT organizations, including NYC Queers Against Israeli Apartheid and NYC's first org. for LGBT Koreans)

6.     Dacio Quintana (longtime organizer for union rights - especially among fellow teachers - Latin American & Puerto Rican solidarity; volunteer with capacity-building Strategies for Social Change)

7.    Eugene Hamond (volunteer with IFCO/Pastors for Peace; member of NYC Labor Chorus; former co-producer of WBAI’s Community Bulletin Board)