View the 4 min trailer below on the insightful, penetrating Wednesday edition of the WBAI morning show with Mimi Rosenberg:


This episode of Progressive Community Media will again be about WBAI, 99.5 FM, part of the progressive Pacifica radio network. The network was founded by leftists antiwar activists and has been fueled over the years by the Black, Womens and LGBT movements among other social movements. WBAI’s Morning show has been revitalized by interim Program Director Mario Murillo.
On this episode I’ll talk with and show some segments from the Wednesday morning edition of the WBAI Morning show featuring Mimi Rosenberg. Mimi is a long-time lawyer with the Legal Aid Society and WBAI broadcaster. (you can enlarge the video to full screen by pressing the play button, hovering over the bottom and clicking on the box in the lower right corner)

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