Future of Peace & Justice Radio At Stake





Lynne Stewart Will Head Justice & Unity's Candidate Slate

Members of advocacy groups that organize for workers’ rights, human rights, tenant rights, anti-racism, release of political prisoners, prison reform and /or ending mass incarceration, etc. are regularly heard on WBAI Radio, 99.5 FM. While most non-profits solicit contributions, WBAI is not “just” another competitor for your donations, but an amplifier of those movements.

The station facilitates the distribution of information about struggles and victories and allows for engaging dialogue and debate about the issues of the day. We think it’s important to strengthen this radio station and ask that you adjust your finances in order to support WBAI.

Your membership will provide much-needed financial support and importantly, it will make you eligible to vote in this summer’s election for WBAI’s Local Station Board. (Only those who have volunteered 3 hours or contributed at least $25 in the year ending July 14, 2015 will have voting rights.) The local board SHAPES THE STATION’S DIRECTION, with a role in selecting and evaluating the station’s management and reviewing its budget and spending.

Much is at stake about the station’s path forward, both in surviving a difficult financial climate and in determining how and whether to strengthen its coverage of the critical movements for progressive change and the major problems facing us, including active and passive racial hatred and discriminatory and abusive systems like the schools and police organizations.

In order to advance efforts to keep WBAI strong on both counts, the WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign is assembling a slate of dynamic, diverse, anti-racist, community-involved candidates to run for seats on the board – headed by People’s Lawyer and former political prisoner Lynne Stewart. By becoming a member, you will have a say in who gets elected.

WeLove WBAI members

You can become a member by contributing at least $25 via credit or debit card, no later than July 14 at 10 PM, by going to: www.give2wbai.org or calling 212-209-2950 (the number is open 24/7).


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