WBAI Community Updates & Station News - July 2015
WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign

1. Local Station Board News & Updates: Meetings, Elections, Your Turn to Serve
2. WBAI Program Notes: Hugh Hamilton, Haiti Show
3. Justice for the Wrongfully Incarcerated – Sat. 7/25, 1pm, Harlem
4. Million People’s March for Justice – Sat. 7/25, 12 Noon, Newark
5. Tribute to Dr. John Henrik Clarke – Sun. 7/26, 3pm, Bklyn




Elections for half the seats on the Local Station Board (LSB) will soon be underway. Nominations are open through July 26. Learn more here: http://elections.pacifica.org/

A Station Can’t Live Without a Program Director:

AT LAST, the board majority is allowing a search for a permanent Program Director. There are openings for 2 staff members and 2 listener members who are NOT on the LSB. The application receipt deadline is August 5, 2015. Details here: http://www.wbai.org/articles.php?article=2742

a. HUGH HAMILTON IS BACK! Well, kinda…

You can hear Hugh Hamilton in a 7:10am Thursday segment. It ain’t what it used to be but, for now, we’ll take it.



fr gerard jean juste haiti funeral march with coffin outside cathedral 061809 by c2a92009 jean ristil hip web

“Lanbi Call” (named for the conch shell used to rally freedom-fighting enslaved Africans in Haiti) alternates with “Asia Pacific Forum” on Mondays at 9pm (next scheduled for Aug. 10). Currently Dominicans thought to be of Haitian ancestry are being stripped of their citizenship and bullied and forced off the eastern part of the 2-nation island into a Haiti still not recovered from the 2010 earthquake or its aftermath. Yet on July 13, the newly restored program about the internal challenges and external exploitation of the first free African nation in the West was pre-empted from one of its two monthly airings for a pre-recorded fundraising pitch.



March for Justice 2016


Sat. 7/25, 1-3pm; Mt. Morris Ascension Presbyterian Church, 15 Mt. Morris Park at W. 122nd St., Harlem.

Join the work of ensuring a measure of reparatory justice for those who like the Central Park 5 were wrongly incarcerated. Speakers: Yusef Salaam, Sharonne Salaam, Atty. David Bliven, Damon Jones – Blacks in Law Enforcement Mod., Bernard White.
More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1699365073609194

4. MILLION PEOPLE’S MARCH FOR JUSTICE against Police Brutality, Racial Injustice, and Economic Inequality

Sat. 7/25, 12 Noon, Newark, NJ. Lincoln Monument at Springfield Ave & West Market Street.

Join the People’s Organization for Progress and the more than 100 endorsing organizations to demand change NOW. No more racially-disparate sentencing; no more quiet “settlements” for banks that stole families’ dreams and communities’ birthrights; no more prison terms for the poor while banksters suffer don’t even get reproached; no more lack of police accountability for brutality and violence; No More stolen lives: Anthony Baez, Sean Bell, Rekia Boyd, Mike Brown, Amadou Diallo, Eric Garner, Ramarley Graham, Freddie Gray, Tyisha Miller, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Anthony Rosario, Timothy Stansbury, Hilton Vega, Tarika Wilson…
More info: http://njpop.org/wordpress/  and https://www.facebook.com/events/418074548350082/

5. TRIBUTE TO DR. JOHN HENRIK CLARKE – Board For the Education of People of African Ancestry (BEPAA)

Sun. 7/26, 3pm, FREE – Church of the Gethsemane, 1012 8th Ave., Prospect Hghts., BK 11215 - Pastor: Dr. Diane Lacey.

BEPAA presents the 17th Annual Tribute to Dr. Clarke: the Barrons, Omowale Clay, Sis. Betty Dopson, Larry Hamm (People’s Organization for Progress), the Drs. Jeffries, Dr. Akil Khalfani, Dr. James McIntosh, D-Nubiyahn, Dr. Adelaide Sandford, and others. Moderators: Michael Bell and Lenora Sharpe.


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