Mario Murillo

Sound from the WBAI LSB TOWN HALL MEETING to share listener and staff views re:  The Role and Responsibility of Media and How Well WBAI Serves Area Communities, or Not

Held:  Wednesday, March 25, 2015, 7-8:30PM

With:  You, your neighbors & friends, WBAI Management, and the Local Station Board (A couple dozen people attended)

WHY:  Pacifica’s bylaws require the LSB to hold town hall meetings at least twice a year, devoted to hearing listeners’ views, needs and concerns.

Note: These recordings are lightly excerpted. The first part of the presentation was lost because of a recorder power failure. The the sound from the presentations, by Program Director  Mario Murillo and General Manager Berthold Reimers, and statements by WBAI LSB member Bernard White, are clear because they are near the microphone. Listeners and staff are of uneven quality because they were only sometimes near the microphone. Noise reduction software was used to enhance listenability. Inaudible regions were removed completely.

Highlights: In Track 1 Mario discusses the programming strategy. In track 7 Bernard discusses problems with the structure of Pacifica. In Track 9 Mario responds to Bernard and discusses how to move the station forward.