dacio (at) justiceunity.org

Warmest greetings to all WBAI members! ¡Mis más cordiales saludos a todos! I'm running for the WBAI Local Station Board with the Justice and Unity Campaign, endorsed by Johanna Fernandez, Esperanza Martell, and ACT UP. WBAI is one of the most precious resources the Left has to offer, and we must make it stronger! We need to reach into NYC's diverse communities and especially to encourage management to act on the Pacifica National Board decision that stations add an hour of Spanish-language news and information programming each weekday for the millions of non-English-speaking Latinos who need and deserve progressive radio.

As a young man escaping economic hardship, I immigrated to the US from Peru and worked as a factory worker and taxi driver before eventually securing my master's degree and teaching in the public schools for 32 years.

I owe much to WBAI. In many ways, my formation as a progressive is due to political programming on WBAI and answering calls to action by activists.

Like many of you, I have organized around social justice issues ranging from school reform to solidarity work with Puerto Rico and Latin America. As Chapter Leader of the New Action Caucus, a progressive wing of the teachers' union, I fought to advance bilingual education, smaller classroom sizes, and better teacher training. As an organizer with the Puerto Rican Socialist Party, I worked for the independence of Puerto Rico, a U.S. colony where

authority to override the people’s elected representatives has just been granted by the US Congress. I fought to rescue the inhabited island of Vieques from the US Navy's bombing practice. I now serve on the Friends of Puerto Rico Committee at the United Nations.

For decades, I have struggled for workers' rights, ending violence against women and children, HIV/AIDS services for communities of color, and freeing diverse political prisoners. I also volunteer with Strategies for Social Change, a national capacity-building organization.

I have been a WBAI member for 20+ years and have witnessed mismanagement and unproductive dissension that have weakened this precious resource. It is particularly frustrating that the Indy Caucus chose to boycott board meetings to try to prevent any business from being done this year. WBAI could become an even brighter beacon of progressive political thought and activism. We need to:

•    develop a strong, diversified fundraising plan, utilizing some of the thoughtful proposals developed by Justice & Unity and others
•    invest in long-term strategic planning
•    increase programming that will spark the interest and activism of our youth and the many diverse communities in our area.

I urge you to vote for all the Justice & Unity candidates in the following rank order:

1. Sharonne Salaam
2. Eugene Hamond
3. Cerene Roberts
4. William Heerwagen
5. Five Mualimm-ak
6. Dacio Quintana
7. Moira Meltzer-Cohen
8. Ebon Charles (WRITE-IN)