cerene (at) justiceunity.org

All that you touch
You Change.

All that you Change
Changes you.

The only lasting truth
Is Change.

-- Lauren Olamina
(Tku, Octavia E. Butler!)

WBAI can thrive if we change willingly.

I ask for your vote to remain on the LSB to help guide that change.

I’ve experienced WBAI as a Tally Room volunteer, as a sometimes paid but mostly unpaid worker, and always as a listener. At times, we’ve had visionary leadership and better content and infrastructure. And, yes, we're in deep trouble financially; but certainly our mission work is needed more than ever.

Media ownership is being consolidated and the divide into vulgar-excess and barely-scraping-by becomes more cavernous daily.

Pacifica Radio was designed for the people. Fully engaged, we are a threat to those who exploit  fear of difference and are allies to those who recognize that walls do not erase common humanity.

What is and what could be:

BAI’s income is significantly less than its expenses. Reliance on repeated airings of pitches of miracle cures and eternal youth cannot sustainably bridge that gap.

• We need to restore seminars and book parties; get to know

our listeners again; build alliances with other non-profits like advocacy groups, cultural organizations, unions, and educational  institutions.

BAI’s programming underserves several groups including youth who create and breathe the technology needed to expand our reach and who must be vested if BAI is to continue.

• We need them: learning, teaching, changing, and bringing their friends and families as listeners. No programs regularly take aim at the "Mideast" and, overall, there's inadequate news/analysis of other countries, many of whose citizens reside in this area.

BAI’s (and Pacifica's) governance needs an overhaul.  I know this from serving on the Pacifica National Board and numerous national and local committees, working on policies and projects - including fundraising - to strengthen the institution.

• The Indy Caucus (formerly ACE) and their national allies are suing on the east and west coasts to regain board majorities lost in elections. It’s habitual. In 2007, they sued because of  un-received ballots but wanted to be the only affected members allowed to vote during the extension. In 2014, they backed the national office camp-in by a former interim Executive Director and unsuccessfully sued to enforce her fraudulent contract.

• As BAI approaches a half-million dollar fiscal year deficit, instead of meeting, ploughing through the issues, and winning or losing on the quality of the argument, the “we-rule-or-we-ruin” Indy Caucus/ACE half of the LSB has boycotted all 2016 board meetings. (We continue to meet monthly; join us.)

All Pacifica stations are struggling. These challenges require improved programming, concerted outreach, serious collaboration, qualified staff, and boardmembers who think beyond personal interests.

Endorsed by Mrs. Rita Marksman and others.

Visit www.justiceunity.org and please vote for all Justice & Unity candidates in this order:

1. Sharonne Salaam
2. Eugene Hamond
3. Cerene Roberts
4. William Heerwagen
5. Five Mualimm-ak
6. Dacio Quintana
7. Moira Meltzer-Cohen
8. Ebon Charles (WRITE-IN)