Ebon P. Charles

Ebon (at) justiceunity.org

I am probably one of the youngest people ever to serve on the WBAI Local Station Board. I am happy to do so, because I understand how important the station can be to my generation and the next. As the son of the late producer Pepsi Charles and the spoken-word artist and "Last Poet" Abiodun Oyewole, I have been steeped from an early age in the culture of WBAI and the communities of New York. This is why I made the personal sacrifice to serve, and why I am asking that you honor me with your vote once again, so that I can continue to serve on the board.

I still remember my mother hosting a late-night radio program called "Nuances" when I was a toddler; she spoke to many callers who just needed someone to let them voice their opinions, and she made a real difference in people's lives. I loved the culture of WBAI back then - everyone was friendly to li'l two-year ol' me, and there was even a cat that roamed freely throughout the station. Everyone seemed to be happy with what they were doing. That's what I remember about WBAI back then.

As I got older, I understood WBAI to be one of the only intellectual platforms that could be found on the airwaves. With the station's freedom of speech, many of its programs

became peppered with spirited debate and opposite postures, which is to be expected, but within the parameters of respect. My foremost goal in serving as a board member has been to sustain and nurture the practice of community amongst people with varying and sometimes diverging views. As a public-school teacher, I am totally aware of the potential value of such a radio station for young people today.

I intrinsically carry the honor and philosophy of my mother, Pepsi Charles, whose efforts helped bring about a closer working relationship between WBAI and Pacifica. I still hope to continue my mother's legacy in being an instrumental force for maintaining the variety of opinions and communities from a stage that has the ear of many proud and devout listeners and members. During the past year, when members of the opposition chose to boycott LSB meetings in a bid to bring the board’s work to a standstill by preventing the achievement of a quorum, I have continued to attend board meetings and participate in discussions with dedicated listeners and staff about how to solve the station’s problems; we have even succeeded in addressing some urgent matters that affect the station’s future.

I am proud to run as part of the WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign. I ask that you vote for our team (endorsed by Amina Baraka, Tim Wise, and Omowale Clay) in this rank order:

1. Sharonne Salaam
2. Eugene Hamond
3. Cerene Roberts
4. William Heerwagen
5. Five Mualimm-ak
6. Dacio Quintana
7. Moira Meltzer-Cohen
8. Ebon Charles (WRITE-IN)