William (at) justiceunity.org

Re-elect me to Local Station Board (LSB) with the WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign (J&U) (www.justiceunity.org).

Not much has changed in my four years on the board. Financial and moral crises intensify: This year’s LSB is split 12-12. Having lost control after 8 years of complete control and steady decline in members and income, the “Indy Caucus/ACE/Independents” have refused to attend LSB meetings or do board work in 2016. Instead, they have complained about the work being done by J&U via a parliamentary rule that allows emergency action by a group without quorum, and have sued Pacifica.

The absentees are asking the judge to:

  • overturn Pacifica’s ruling on a WBAI LSB staff member's seating that followed the bylaws;
  • seat four of their WBAI LSB members on the Pacifica National Board (PNB), although they were "elected" at an inadequately noticed meeting of their own that lacked a legal quorum; and
  • immediately remove 12 LSB members (half the boards) - at all 5 stations - who were elected in 2012 and whose terms were extended one year by the PNB through the end of 2016 to preserve the staggering of elections.

The lawsuit does not mention, much less object to, the fact that LSB members elected in 2010 were extended not one, but two years, through 2015, because Indy and its national allies cancelled elections owing to lack of funding while they were in charge. They blame their national opposition for all the problems caused while they themselves were the majority on the PNB, and blame J&U for local problems when J&U has not been in the majority since 2008.

J&U, meanwhile, is working with management on implementing a sustainability program that was mandated by the Pacifica National Board, a subject the Indy folks have refused to deal with for over two years.

J&U also created a fully legal hardship waivers program as authorized and encouraged in the Pacifica by-laws. Indy types complained, thus delaying implementation long enough so that probably nobody will be able to apply and vote.

J&U will continue to work toward keeping WBAI/Pacifica afloat despite efforts by others to delay, delay, delay until it might be too late for flotation or survival efforts.

I have accounting, auditing, and computer-programming knowledge to address the current lack of financial understanding and reporting. I’ve served on the LSB Finance Committee for ten years, doing careful scrutiny of budgets submitted by management. I’ll work for serious off-air fundraising, clear policies and procedures, prudent planning, honesty, civility, and an eventual return to honoring staff contracts.

Let’s keep WBAI safe from the circling vultures. It’s getting very late!

Vote for the Justice & Unity slate (endorsed by People’s Organization for Progress and ACT UP, among others), in this order:

1. Sharonne Salaam
2. Eugene Hamond
3. Cerene Roberts
4. William Heerwagen
5. Five Mualimm-ak
6. Dacio Quintana
7. Moira Meltzer-Cohen
8. Ebon Charles (WRITE-IN)