Sharonne Salaam

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I'm running for reelection to the WBAI Local Station Board with the Justice and Unity Campaign ( because now more than ever the mission and the very survival of WBAI are at stake. While the station’s financial situation has become ever more perilous, opposition board members have tried to stymie any action by the LSB to address urgent issues by boycotting meetings, making the achievement of a quorum impossible. Nevertheless, together with fellow Justice and Unity members, I have worked hard this year to make sure that emergency situations were addressed, in particular the implementation of a far-reaching fundraising plan mandated by the Pacifica National Board and more crucial than ever to WBAI’s survival – a plan I helped develop, and which the opposition had refused to even consider for the past two years.

During my tenure on the board so far, in addition to helping design the plan to revive WBAI’s finances, I’ve served on the General Manager Evaluation Committee, the Town Hall working group, and the Committee of Inclusion.

You probably know of me because my son Yusef was one of the five innocent boys wrongly arrested and convicted of raping a white woman in Central Park. WBAI was a powerful and indispensable ally in the long struggle to clear their names and obtain

compensation for police and prosecutorial misconduct. As a result of my son's wrongful arrest, I embarked on a career of community activism serving children and families in and out of prison, with special attention to the foster-care system in New York City.

I founded and directed People United for Children, and over a period of nearly two decades our work led to thousands of children being reunited with their biological parents, as well as policy changes in the child-welfare system. The skills in negotiating, mediating, and helping others understand their rights I developed as a self-trained social worker have served the board well, and I am more than willing to put them at the service of WBAI once again.

I am grateful that locally produced public-affairs programming has been somewhat increased, but I continue to be concerned about the overall shortfall of programming for communities of color. These communities have always strongly supported WBAI, and failing to serve them adequately hurts the station badly.

I am dedicated to returning WBAI to its vital mission - promoting understanding between peoples by airing the many unheard community voices.

Please vote for me and the other candidates of the WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign (endorsed by Charles and Inez Barron, Bernard White, and many others), in the following order:

1. Sharonne Salaam
2. Eugene Hamond
3. Cerene Roberts
4. William Heerwagen
5. Five Mualimm-ak
6. Dacio Quintana
7. Moira Meltzer-Cohen
8. Ebon Charles (WRITE-IN)

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