Sharonne Salaam

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I'm running for reelection to the WBAI Local Station Board with the Justice and Unity Campaign ( because now more than ever the mission and the very survival of WBAI are at stake. While the station’s financial situation has become ever more perilous, opposition board members have tried to stymie any action by the LSB to address urgent issues by boycotting meetings, making the achievement of a quorum impossible. Nevertheless, together with fellow Justice and Unity members, I have worked hard this year to make sure that emergency situations were addressed, in particular the implementation of a far-reaching fundraising plan mandated by the Pacifica National Board and more crucial than ever to WBAI’s survival – a plan I helped develop, and which the opposition had refused to even consider for the past two years.

During my tenure on the board so far, in addition to helping design the plan to revive WBAI’s finances, I’ve served on the General Manager Evaluation Committee, the Town Hall working group, and the Committee of Inclusion.

You probably know of me because my son Yusef was one of the five innocent boys wrongly arrested and convicted of raping a white woman in Central Park. WBAI was a powerful and indispensable ally in the long struggle to clear their names and obtain

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I've been a WBAI listener and financial supporter for many years. At the Wall Street studios, I spent hundreds of hours taking pledges, mailing out premiums, and later doing the Community Bulletin Board (CBB).

I'm active in the NYC Labor Chorus, the Beacon Sloop Club (started by Pete and Toshi Seeger), and IFCO/Pastors for Peace, which is sending its 27th friendshipment caravan to Cuba. My wife and I are working against the proposed Pilgrim Pipelines, which would bring oil fracked in the Dakotas from Albany to Linden, NJ. I also support the Beacon Prison Action Network, formed after the killing of Samuel Harrell in Fishkill Prison.

I'm running for the Board with the Justice & Unity Campaign because WBAI must remain and grow as a progressive,voice more than ever in this period of economic turmoil, war, and increasing right-wing and racist propaganda. But to keep the station alive, serious changes are needed. The Local Station Board has been functioning with great difficulty over the past year because of the disruption and then the boycotting of meetings by the Indy Caucus faction.

Near-constant on-air fundraisers, often with a commercial tone, are not working well and turn listeners away. To better serve our neighbors

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All that you touch
You Change.

All that you Change
Changes you.

The only lasting truth
Is Change.

-- Lauren Olamina
(Tku, Octavia E. Butler!)

WBAI can thrive if we change willingly.

I ask for your vote to remain on the LSB to help guide that change.

I’ve experienced WBAI as a Tally Room volunteer, as a sometimes paid but mostly unpaid worker, and always as a listener. At times, we’ve had visionary leadership and better content and infrastructure. And, yes, we're in deep trouble financially; but certainly our mission work is needed more than ever.

Media ownership is being consolidated and the divide into vulgar-excess and barely-scraping-by becomes more cavernous daily.

Pacifica Radio was designed for the people. Fully engaged, we are a threat to those who exploit  fear of difference and are allies to those who recognize that walls do not erase common humanity.

What is and what could be:

BAI’s income is significantly less than its expenses. Reliance on repeated airings of pitches of miracle cures and eternal youth cannot sustainably bridge that gap.

• We need to restore seminars and book parties; get to know

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Re-elect me to Local Station Board (LSB) with the WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign (J&U) (

Not much has changed in my four years on the board. Financial and moral crises intensify: This year’s LSB is split 12-12. Having lost control after 8 years of complete control and steady decline in members and income, the “Indy Caucus/ACE/Independents” have refused to attend LSB meetings or do board work in 2016. Instead, they have complained about the work being done by J&U via a parliamentary rule that allows emergency action by a group without quorum, and have sued Pacifica.

The absentees are asking the judge to:

Five Mualimm-ak
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I am always busy because there is so much to do. I value time more than many people because the State stole 12 years of my life and I can never get it back. I am co-founder of Incarcerated Nation Corp. which helps formerly incarcerated people transition to life on the outside.

My mission is to organize. I organize against the use of imprisonment as a solution to society’s unresolved problems, for the rights of the incarcerated, for an end to solitary confinement, and to ensure that mental health care becomes accessible and ordinary. To organize is to step back from the “me” and focus on the “we”.

I am proud to run for the Local Station Board with the Justice and Unity Campaign.

Public media has always been a part of my life. My parents invested in public television and my Mom always carted around her Channel 13 PBS supporter tote bag. I’d asked her why she carried it like a banner or poster advertising the station and her response was that supporting something that plays a part in educating your family and community is central to what it means to be American.

My parents were very active in the civil rights movement on a community level, providing meals and physical fitness training in California and then New York City. They didn’t allow us to watch

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Warmest greetings to all WBAI members! ¡Mis más cordiales saludos a todos! I'm running for the WBAI Local Station Board with the Justice and Unity Campaign, endorsed by Johanna Fernandez, Esperanza Martell, and ACT UP. WBAI is one of the most precious resources the Left has to offer, and we must make it stronger! We need to reach into NYC's diverse communities and especially to encourage management to act on the Pacifica National Board decision that stations add an hour of Spanish-language news and information programming each weekday for the millions of non-English-speaking Latinos who need and deserve progressive radio.

As a young man escaping economic hardship, I immigrated to the US from Peru and worked as a factory worker and taxi driver before eventually securing my master's degree and teaching in the public schools for 32 years.

I owe much to WBAI. In many ways, my formation as a progressive is due to political programming on WBAI and answering calls to action by activists.

Like many of you, I have organized around social justice issues ranging from school reform to solidarity work with Puerto Rico and Latin America. As Chapter Leader of the New Action Caucus, a progressive wing of the teachers' union, I fought to advance bilingual education, smaller classroom sizes, and better teacher training. As an organizer with the Puerto Rican Socialist Party, I worked for the independence of Puerto Rico, a U.S. colony where

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FM Radio can travel great distances and enter all kinds of places — it literally reaches anyone with a radio by going through walls. I am running for the WBAI Local Station Board with the Justice and Unity Campaign. Like FM radio, I have never been stopped by artificial barriers. While George Bush was defunding public education in order to pay for two apocalyptically ill-advised wars, I found funding to work with marginalized students and teachers to develop anti-racist curricula in places from Detroit to Milwaukee, and Brooklyn, New York, to Eugene, Oregon. After seeing working-class students of color targeted nationwide by the police and funneled into prisons, I began fighting the prison-industrial complex directly.

I am now a civil rights and criminal defense attorney serving people embattled by state violence. My clients include working-class communities of color, queer and gender-nonconforming people, religious minorities, political dissidents, elderly

Ebon P. Charles

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I am probably one of the youngest people ever to serve on the WBAI Local Station Board. I am happy to do so, because I understand how important the station can be to my generation and the next. As the son of the late producer Pepsi Charles and the spoken-word artist and "Last Poet" Abiodun Oyewole, I have been steeped from an early age in the culture of WBAI and the communities of New York. This is why I made the personal sacrifice to serve, and why I am asking that you honor me with your vote once again, so that I can continue to serve on the board.

I still remember my mother hosting a late-night radio program called "Nuances" when I was a toddler; she spoke to many callers who just needed someone to let them voice their opinions, and she made a real difference in people's lives. I loved the culture of WBAI back then - everyone was friendly to li'l two-year ol' me, and there was even a cat that roamed freely throughout the station. Everyone seemed to be happy with what they were doing. That's what I remember about WBAI back then.

As I got older, I understood WBAI to be one of the only intellectual platforms that could be found on the airwaves. With the station's freedom of speech, many of its programs