Radiovision and Progressive Community Media collaborate to bring an interview with WBAI Local Board Chair & Listener Candidate for the WBAI Local Board, John Brinkley,also WBAI host, board member and staff candidate Bob Lederer, along with host and staff candidate for the board, Vajra Kilgour. The interview was conducted by Radio Vision's host, Bernard White





Former WBAI Program Director Bernard White interviews Vajra Kilgour, Five Mualimm-ak and Bob Lederer on the upcoming WBAI Local Station Board Election. The program is a collaboration between Radio Vision and Progressive Community Media, two programs on Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Part 1 of 4



WBAI Local Station Board (LSB) Election Interviews with Lynne Stewart, Sharonne Salaam, Bob Lederer by Bernard White. A joint production of Radio Vision and Progressive Community Radio. Part 3 of 4.



Bernard White Interviews Justice & Unity members Pauline Park, Five Mualimm-ak & Vajra Kilgour on the state of WBAI and the road to recovery.