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Subject: WBAI STRUGGLE – June 2018
Date: June 13th 2018

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From the WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign


1. Local Station Board Meeting: TODAY – Wed., June 13, 2018

2. Visionary Leaders Sought: Jobs at WBAI and Pacifica National

3. Celebrate Junteenth




1. Local Station Board (LSB) Meeting: Wed. 6/13/18, 7pm

Theater for the New City

155 First Avenue (btw. 9th & 10th Streets)

Loisaida, NYC 10003


The Local Station Board meets today.

Neither knowledge nor expertise is limited to boardmembers. Please come out and speak up!


The Pacifica National Board (PNB) chose $4 million in loans because they could not envision an affirmative alternative for addressing the Empire State Building lawsuit and other organizational debt. Almost 3 months after using all Pacifica property as collateral, the PNB has no repayment plan except a WBAI signal sale or swap. Some PNB members still do not have all the numbers involved in the recent transactions.


Last month, LSB member King Downing brought a unanimously approved motion that the PNB provide loan details to the network’s 5 LSBs and listeners. On the PNB, William Heerwagen continues to urge a policy that where a bequest says “Pacifica” but fails to specifically the name of a station, credit for funds or property shall be given to the station where the donor had a terrestrial listening or primary donating relationship.


2. In Search of Visionary Leadership


WBAI: Interim Program Director

WBAI seeks a person with programming, management, and broadcast experience, knowledge of current affairs, the ability to work collaboratively with diverse and opinionated staff, listeners, local board and community groups, openness to learn and willingness to teach, and the confidence and creativity to re-imagine and help revitalize WBAI.

Details here: https://www.wbai.org/articles.php?article=2889


Pacifica: Executive Director

Our network needs a multi-talented, experienced referee and coach with the fortitude to resist the draw of partisanship and with significant experience in broadcasting, multi-level management, and leading funds-limited organizations. Application deadline is Fri., June 15, 2018.

Details: http://pacifica.org/documents/ed_180425.pdf


3. Celebrate Junteenth

Visit us at JusticeUnity.org for a list of events celebrating the 153rd anniversary of the much-delayed news of the Emancipation reaching those enslaved African-Americans in Texas, and for other area happenings.



WBAI Justice and Unity Campaign 



(212) 591-2111 

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