All out to WBAI Bd mtg tonight - future at stake!

From: "Justice & Unity 2018" <info@PROTECTED>
Subject: All out to WBAI Bd mtg tonight - future at stake!
Date: March 14th 2018

WBAI Local Station Board Meeting
Wed., March 14 - 7:00-9:30 PM
Theater for the New City, 155 1st Avenue btw. 9th & 10th Streets, Loisaida/Lower East Side, Manhattan

   L train to 1st Ave., F train to 2nd Ave., 6 train to Astor Place

Come out and make your voice heard!


Tonight is likely the last Local Station Board (LSB) meeting before national decisions which could cost WBAI a permanent loss of massive broadcast range.

If the Pacifica National Board (PNB) borrows too much and/or borrows without a clear plan for repayment, the next step will be to swap WBAI’s high-value commercial dial location for a reduced-range station so the network can use the resulting millions to pay off the loans and fulfill various wish lists.

Virtually every Pacifica asset will be at risk from an inability to repay the loan(s). And regardless of where our transmitter is located, WBAI will be on the chopping block.

All options must be explored before such drastic actions are taken.
This means there must be serious consideration of a partnership with Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), which would allow WBAI Radio to continue mission programming while bringing us onto television and into millions of homes in Manhattan and other areas.

A Public Service Operating Agreement (PSOA) will provide WBAI with state-of-the-art studios instead of a broadcast space where the walls do not reach the ceiling. And while MNN’s proposed $2 million advance payment/escrow cannot be used to pay the Empire State judgment, it would undoubtedly impact how that judgment is treated!

No one has the right to throw away such a negotiating tool while pretending to know the art of the deal.

Pacifica has a responsibility to deliver stations strong enough to get the next generation through the challenging days ahead. Swapping down to nearly half WBAI’s signal range is not an option. Pacifica must rebuild and expand. This partnership would allow that by covering all operating costs for the term of the agreement.

Tell the PNB and WBAI’s four national representatives – Kathryn Davis, William Heerwagen, Kenneth Laufer, and Alex Steinberg – that all options must be explored. WBAI is not theirs to lose!

Let the Pacifica National Board know your view: Write them at pnb@PROTECTED

For more information on the proposed partnership between WBAI and Manhattan Neighborhood Network, visit the website of
WBAI Rising: Transforming Community Media at .

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